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Women's Voice Power Workshop

Is your voice quality important to your professional credibility?


Would you like to develop a stronger, more engaging tone of voice?


Do you have vocal habits or speaking anxiety that you would like to correct?


Come to the Voice Power Workshop to improve your voice quality and learn how to relax under pressure. This one-day workshop will provide improvements quickly, substantially and permanently.


How is your Voice Quality?


The Seven Deadly Sins. Of all the vocal issues these are the ones which are most damaging for any professional.

  • Talking too fast

  • Using filler (“Umms” and “ahhs”)

  • Voice is too quiet

  • Sounding too young

  • Voice is monotone

  • Sounding “nasal”

  • Talking too loudly


We guarantee that you will be able to eliminate any of these problems that you may have.


When you speak, how would you like to sound?

  • Clear and concise

  • Relaxed and strong

  • Confident and friendly

  • Mature and reassuring

  • More energetic and enthusiastic


Which of these are you experiencing?

  • Shortness of breath

  • Flushing and blushing

  • Sweaty palms

  • Trembling and shaking

  • Nausea

  • Unable to sleep before speaking events


Are these the qualities you would like to have?

  • Calm and focused while speaking

  • Relaxed and well rested

  • Looking forward to speaking


If you are committed, we guarantee that you will be successful


Who should attend?


Professionals who need to sound relaxed, confident and persuasive.

Anyone who needs to be more assertive in daily conversations.


What’s unique about Voice Power?


You Will Learn “Best Practices”

You will be coached through a wide range of exercises and simple practices.

  • Specific exercises will be recommended for you personally

  • Choose and learn only the practices that you enjoy

  • Learn how to measure your progress


Enjoy Continuous Improvement

This is not a “one-time” event. You can continue to improve month after month and year after year.


Learn how to:

  • Build your voice quality with the Voice Power CD

  • Use recordings, television and video for fast results

  • Find and develop materials to support your work


Keep your Skills Sharp

Throughout your career, your speaking ability will continue to be one of your most important leadership skills.


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Workshop Fee: $2,300 + HST

Location: Toronto, ON

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