Our Communication Skills & Presentation Skills Testimonials

“I recommend this program for any advocate who cares about the quality of his or her presentations in court.”
Roger Oatley
Oatley Vigmond LLP

I would highly recommend the Commanding Presence workshop. Peter Hiddema is an amazing trainer/presenter. He is truly charismatic. His presentation style is easy to listen to and learn from and he offered a great mix of Powerpoint, video and practical elements throughout the Two-Day Workshop. It was an absolute delight to have such a rewarding experience."

Jennifer Wall

Senior Manager FP&A



“The program was terrific. One of the most useful workshops I have ever attended.”
Jeff Galway
Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP


“When it comes to public speaking and coaching for communications in general, you are always in the back of my mind. The workshop I had with you made a lasting impression.”
Julie Corry
Hutchins Caron & Associates


“I recommend your course to people and its probably the most directly useful learning I’ve ever received.”
Philip W. Augustine
Augustine Bater Polowin


“I had a great time at the workshop and I can’t thank you enough for your help.”
Robyn C. Carlson
Graham, Wilson & Green


“I would recommend this course to people at all levels of speaking experience. I particularly appreciate John Plank’s ability to identify quickly the avenues for improvement.”
Andrew J. Roman
Miller Thomson LLP


“I felt this course was one of the most useful I have been on. Thank you very much for providing such an excellent course and an extremely useful follow-up report.”
Colin M. Clark
Pagan Osborne

“I really enjoyed the workshop and Peter was a fantastic trainer.”

Douglas Butt

Canada Post


“You taught me the invaluable lesson of how to communicate. I look forward to learning from you further to improve my skills of Commanding Presence. Thank you so much!”
Naoko Komura
Wikimedia Foundation Inc.


“I enjoyed and benefitted from the Commanding Presence Seminar. This was one of the best seminars that I’ve ever taken, and I will seek to use the learning on a regular basis. Thanks again.”
Frank Lock


“Thank you for being good at what you do. I believe there will be significant and lasting personal benefits from attending Commanding Presence. The 3 benefits I expect are respect, persuasion, and career advancement.”
Gary Baksi
Bell Canada


“It was a real pleasure, John. I haven’t taken that much from a workshop in a long time! Thanks again – you’ve really helped us raise the bar at Wikimedia. Our people are well-equipped and fortunately, they’ll never be the same!”
Jay Walsh
Wikimedia Foundation Inc.


“John Plank has been able to deliver an incredible improvement in the presentations of our senior management team — and improve their comfort level. I’d offer an unconditional recommendation in support of this program.” Stephen Johnson Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust “You help each of us change our sense of possibilities.”
Brian M. Leck
Toronto Transit Commission


“You have changed the way I look at presentations. I feel I am truly communicating and not just presenting. It’s like I have a secret weapon I can use throughout my career.”
Igor Levental
Homestake Mining Company


“Commanding Presence has helped me to connect with my audience in a naturally authentic manner. Being able to establish rapport and keep it has made my communications much more effective.”
John Lindsay
Philips CDS


“The follow-up you have done has truly astonished me. Unlike other courses I have attended, many excellent, I have not experienced the ongoing value that yours delivers. The quarterly newsletters, the follow-up DVD, the course workbook (that sits within arms reach in my office) all contribute to a feeling that I’m part of an exclusive club which strives to keep the skills I learned at Commanding Presence… present.”
Chris Irwin
Ministry of Government Services


“Your workshop was transforming!”
Mary Silverthorn
O.P.P. Career Development Bureau


“Your key messages in Montreal reverberated throughout the rest of the conference.”
Sam Laredo
Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada


“Thank you for the great coaching. It was worth every penny. Thank you for all the feedback. It was a pleasure to have been coached by you.”
Zoi Angelis

“Really enjoyed the course, and found that everyone made great progress, Peter was a great instructor!”

Susan Roberts

Vice-President & Deputy Principal Broker

CDSPI Advisory Services Inc.


“Thank you, Peter, for the remarkable workshop I had the opportunity to attend. I'm confident that the instructions received will make a huge difference and enhance my speaking ability.”

Augusta Muresan, CPA

Federal Express Canada


“This course is excellent and I am so glad that I have taken it. It did help to improve the way to speak.”

Gloria Chan

Financial Advisor, CFO Branch, Ontario

Employment and Social Development Canada

“Thank you for a remarkable session. All of us did learn a lot. I look forward to applying what you have shared with me.”

Surinder Singh Aujla

Public Prosecution Service of Canada


“I enjoyed the course thoroughly. Very insightful. I look forward to receiving the recordings and an analysis of my performance.”

Rekha Chetlur

Manager, Information Management

Ministry of the Environment & Climate Change


"It was a pleasure meeting you and Peter. I’ve learned a lot over the Two-Day Workshop and hope to practice and utilize the methods taught in class, to continually improve."

Jennifer Lee, CPA, CMA

Senior Financial Analyst, Finance, PRESTO