Leading, Learning and Loving it

March 3, 2017



What are your career opportunities right now? You probably have the professional qualifications, the experience, and the determination to move into a higher leadership role. The one skill that will set you apart from your colleagues who have similar qualifications is your speaking ability.


Every year for the last 20 years, we at Commanding Presence have watched clients who focus on their speaking skills rise to the top of their organizations. Improving your speaking ability can be enjoyable, and fulfilling – and help you to make a quantum leap forward very quickly.




Why does speaking offer so much more than writing as a learning tool? If you think back to the first time you had to teach anything, you may recall that by the time you had done the preparation, delivered the information – and answered the questions that arose, you the speaker, had probably learned more than your listeners. 


Some of the responses of your listeners can be anticipated, but it is not until you are actually speaking that you are able to learn from the information you’re sharing.

While we are speaking, we have a unique opportunity to explore our topics in greater depth and breadth than we might otherwise do. 


Speaking regularly about our areas of expertise is by far the best way of deepening our knowledge.


Speaking also provides you with the opportunity to define yourself throughout your career. Through speaking, you can make a contribution to the development of your organization and your profession, and leave a personal legacy.


Speaking offers the priceless rewards of the respect and gratitude of your family, your friends and your colleagues.


Loving It


Last September, an accountant in our Toronto workshop listed “fun”, along with “confidence” and “relaxation” as the most beneficial things that she gained from our work together. She said, “In 25 years of practice - I never imagined that speaking could actually be enjoyable. I’ve already given 2 or 3 talks, and I’m loving it!”


For professionals who prefer to express themselves by writing, the idea that speaking can actually be enjoyable may seem strange. There is a notion that “a certain kind of person” enjoys speaking for its own sake, but you may not think of yourself as that sort of person. The accounting profession attracts intellectually curious, hard working individuals with a natural preference for reading and writing. These kinds of people often make the best speakers – but it is often much later in their careers that they discover the full potential and “The Joy of Speaking”.



If you are interested in raising your speaking skills to match the superb level of your writing skills than our internationally acclaimed, small-group, Two-Day Commanding Presence Workshop held in Toronto might be right for you. Visit www.commandingpresence.com for upcoming dates and fees.


Two-Day Commanding Presence Workshop Brochure


If you are unable to travel to Toronto, you may be interested in our popular Commanding Presence Online visit courses.commandingpresence.com for more details.


Participants of Commanding Presence Online will learn how to:

  • Master Eloquent Speaking

  • Become a Charismatic Communicator

  • Control the Room

  • Rediscover the Power of their Natural Voice

  • Eliminate their Speaking Anxiety ​



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