Two-Day Advanced Public Speaking Course in Toronto

Internationally Acclaimed Public Speaking Training for Executives & Leaders

In Commanding Presence's highly effective and transformational public speaking course, you will achieve a substantial and permanent improvement in your comfort, confidence, and communication and presentation skills. Our participants receive all the expert coaching from an expert public speaking coach, exercises, practice, and video feedback they require and learn effective public speaking skills in a comfortable and supportive learning environment. Participants will quickly improve every aspect of their public speaking skills, from strategy and text preparation to voice quality, body language, establishing rapport, and overcoming speaking anxiety.


After this public speaking skills course, participants will be able to:


  • Speak with more confidence and authority in all business and social environments

  • Quickly prepare memorable, persuasive text

  • Deliver concise and compelling formal presentations to small and large groups

  • "Think on your feet": respond quickly and eloquently to questions and inquiries in meetings, on the telephone, and in presentations

  • Establish rapport with different personality types: persuade and influence with integrity

  • Develop an individual and natural speaking style

  • Manage personal stress and communicate effectively under pressure


Two of our most popular units during the public speaking course are the FOCUS! Method and Connecting with Your Audience.


For subject experts and leaders there is a lot of pressure in choosing what to say, how much to say, and how to begin and how to end to ensure your message is effective, understood, and retained. That is why we created the FOCUS! Method which factors in the limitations of people's short-term memory. We can cause people to rehearse, replay, or have strong images connected to our messages that transfer the message from working memory to longer-term memory. Thereby removing the “stickiness” of your messages.


The FOCUS! Method also provides a way for both introverts and extroverts to essentially “say less, and say it better”. It is a way to take complex thoughts and ideas and quickly and effectively deliver them in a way that is designed to be heard, retained, and persuasive. Participants will get a chance to create their own Focus Method presentations using current topics or issues and practice delivering them to other participants. We will record the presentations and provide expert public speaking coaching.


The Connecting With Your Audience unit will help the participants to understand the behavioural cues of when your message is being received when to slow down, and when you need to clarify your message. Participants will also learn how to speak effectively from notes and text while using a conversational style of speaking that will help to imprint their message. Participants will practice this method with each other while receiving expert public speaking coaching. We will record each participant presenting using this method.


During the course we will also cover managing anxiety while speaking, controlling the room while presenting, preparing to speak, preparing your voice, and how to analyze your audience.


The Two-Day Public Speaking Course fee is $2,100 + HST and includes a light breakfast, lunch, and snacks on both days and the following deliverables:


Two-Day Public Speaking Skills Course Deliverables


  • Pre-course personal assessment of each participant which helps the coach customize the workshop to the goals and needs of the participants. This will be in the form of an online questionnaire.

  • Highly interactive workshop with group exercises, practice, and expert personal coaching

  • Commanding Presence Workbook

  • Videotaping sessions (4 sessions)

  • Video feedback session with feedback from the workshop coach and your workshop participant peers.

  • Customized personal coaching

  • USB of your presentation recordings


90-Day Post-Course Deliverables


  • A letter of recommendations for continuous improvement from the workshop public speaking coach

  • Commanding Presence Handbook for continuous improvement 

  • Commanding Presence Video Refreshers which help maintain and reinforce the progress achieved at the course

  • Public Speaking Skills coaching updates and quick tips for the techniques and material learned in the course


For a full course outline & agenda, please download our Two-Day Advanced Public Speaking Skills Course Brochure


What’s unique about this public speaking skills course in Toronto?


World Class Coaching.  You will receive expert public speaking coaching and video feedback tailored to your unique speaking skills. The objective is to develop the full power of your natural speaking style and your unique personality. We provide a detailed pre-course assessment to each participant so that the coach is familiar with the areas of need and goals for each participant. Which helps our speaking skills coach customize personal coaching during the course. The Public Speaking Coach's Bio -Peter Hiddema.


Small Groups.  With only 10 participants, you will receive all of the personal coaching you require and learn new skills in a comfortable and supportive environment.​


Videotaping.  Time and time again, participants have indicated that our videotaping sessions have been transformational. You will have the opportunity to record four presentations throughout the workshop – and receive feedback from participants and your public speaking coach.


Enjoyable. Our clients appreciate the comfortable training environment and find the experience challenging, enjoyable and very rewarding.


Continuous Improvement.  You will receive a written analysis from your public speaking coach and personal recommendations for continuous improvement. Participants receive the Commanding Presence Handbook which is designed to help you continue the momentum from the training.


Who benefits most from this type of public speaking skills course and public speaking coaching?


Accountants, executives, lawyers, engineers, and sales professionals both new and established, who want to evaluate their public speaking & presentation skills and have decided to raise their current level of speaking.


The training is of tremendous value to those who are in the early years of their career, as well as those who are already successful speakers and leaders.



Commanding Presence's Public Speaking Coach, Peter Hiddema, explains the benefits and learning objectives of our internationally acclaimed public speaking workshop.  Peter's bio here

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Two-Day Public Speaking Skills & Presentation Skills Training in Toronto

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Recent Public Speaking Skills Workshop Testimonials


“Really enjoyed the course, and found that everyone made great progress, Peter was a great instructor!”

Susan Roberts

Vice-President & Deputy Principal Broker

CDSPI Advisory Services Inc.


“Thank you, Peter, for the remarkable course I had the opportunity to attend. I'm confident that the instructions received will make a huge difference and enhance my speaking ability.”

Augusta Muresan, CPA

Federal Express Canada


“This course is excellent and I am so glad that I have taken it. It did help to improve the way to speak.”

Gloria Chan

Financial Advisor, CFO Branch, Ontario

Employment and Social Development Canada

“Thank you for a remarkable public speaking course. All of us did learn a lot. I look forward to applying what you have shared with me.”

Surinder Singh Aujla

Public Prosecution Service of Canada


“I enjoyed the course thoroughly. Very insightful. I look forward to receiving the recordings and an analysis of my performance.”

Rekha Chetlur

Manager, Information Management

Ministry of the Environment & Climate Change


"It was a pleasure meeting you and Peter. I’ve learned a lot over the Two-Day public speaking course and hope to practice and utilize the methods taught in class, to continually improve."

Jennifer Lee, CPA, CMA

Senior Financial Analyst, Finance, PRESTO



Recent Public Speaking Skills Training Clients



  • AstraZeneca LP

  • Boston Pizza

  • Cadbury Schweppes

  • Canadian Tire

  • Casino Niagara

  • CBC

  • Enbridge Energy

  • Four Season Hotels

  • Imperial Oil Limited

  • Johnson & Johnson Inc.

  • McCain Foods

  • Pepsi Bottling Company

  • Rogers Cable

  • Shoppers Drug Mart



Accounting Firms

  • Ernst & Young LLP

  • BDO Dunwoody LLP

  • Birch Hill Equity Partners 

  • Brownlow & Associates

  • Deloite Consulting

  • Durward Jones Barkwell LLP

  • Grant Thornton LLP

  • MD Management LTD.

  • Merrill Lynch

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • Welch & Company LLP


Law Firms

  • Blakes LLP

  • DLA Piper LLP

  • Edge International

  • Goodmans LLP

  • Hughes Amys LLP

  • Lang Michener LLP

  • Lenczner Slaght LLP

  • Miller Thomson LLP

  • Oatley, Vigmond LLP

  • Ricketts, Harris LLP

  • Robins, Appleby and Taub LLP

  • Torys LLP

  • WeirFoulds LLP

  • White & Case LLP




  • Ministry of Children’s Services

  • Ministry of Community & Social Services

  • Ministry of Consumer & Business Services

  • Ministry of Education

  • Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

  • Ministry of Natural Resources

  • Ministry of the Attorney General

  • Ministry of Transportation

  • Ministry of Public Infrastructure Renewal




  • Canadian Bar Association

  • Certified General Accountants of Ontario

  • Canadian Association of Broadcasters

  • CPA Ontario

  • Los Angeles County Bar Association

  • New York City Bar Association

  • Ontario Bar Association