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Phase II Workshop 

Exclusively for Alumni of the Commanding Presence

Two-Day Workshop

  • Create and refine your own presentation with immediate feedback and coaching.

  • Practice with partners and record three drafts of your presentation with on-camera coaching and feedback.

  • Over 7 hours of coaching, as workshops are limited to six participants.



This is the natural progression from your first Commanding Presence Workshop to a higher level of performance & consistency. This time, we focus on coaching you to a new level of personal communication skills, using your own material.


  • We customize the workshop to address your specific communication & presentation needs with in-depth discussion and group coaching sessions.

  • We first identify your unique personality traits with an MBTI analysis, and then we work on how to leverage them in your communication style.

  • You create and refine your own presentation with immediate feedback and coaching.

  • You practice with partners and record three drafts of the presentation with on-camera coaching and feedback.

  • In total, you receive over 7 hours of coaching, including a one-hour personal coaching session that you can use after the workshop, prior to an important presentation or meeting.

  • After the workshop, you receive your coach's notes regarding delivery and performance and access to your coach for a one-hour pre-presentation coaching session as noted above.




Before your workshop, you have three simple tasks. First, create a one-page outline for a presentation on your topic of choice. Second, complete your Myers Briggs online assessment. Third, find two pages of text that you enjoy, from your favourite book, novel, or poem.

On Day One it’s straight to work. You will be on your feet presenting your own material, critiquing your own work and learning new techniques to respond to questions respectfully, concisely and persuasively.

With only six participants, you can look forward to plenty of personal attention.

You will role-play to develop your one-to-one communication skills and receive voice & performance coaching.



This workshop expands on the Two-Day Workshop with the following learning objectives

• More coaching on your specific persistent issues 

• Drafting powerful presentations and preparing for meetings quickly and easily
• Stronger delivery & improving your consistency
• Managing speaking anxiety and remaining calm under pressure
• Adding power to key statements
• Storytelling techniques
• Designing your personal program for continuous growth


After the workshop, you will have a draft of a presentation that is solely your own material and that you have recorded three times with on-camera coaching. After the workshop, you will receive your coach's notes for delivery and performance and access to your coach for a one-hour pre-presentation coaching session.




“Phase II – Power & Persuasion was an excellent workshop.  I enjoyed building upon the material from the first Commanding Presence workshop, and the small size of the group really helped with meaningful discussions and feedback.  There was plenty of time for both individual coaching and interaction with the other participants.  We really did “put it all together” – presentation, speaking, listening.  You won’t be disappointed.”

Cathy McPhail, Vice President Finance and Administration

Nitrochem Corp.


“John, I wanted to pass on my very positive feedback regarding Peter, and the overall course. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and learned a great deal.”

Ilana Singer, VP & Corporate Secretary

Canadian Investor Protection Fund


"Since the workshop I have presented at all staff meeting, board orientation and management team and all the presentations went well. The CEO was very impressed as well."

Deb Cowan, CFO

Canada Real Estate Association




8:30 am      Goals discussion

10:00 am    Workshop overview

10:25 am    Understanding and leveraging your unique personality traits
10:45 am    Break

11:00 am    MBTI analysis

11:30 am    Commanding Presence Two-Day Workshop review

12:00 pm    Lunch
1:00 pm      "Your Presentation" recording with coaching

2:00 pm      Speech Wizard – bringing your text to life

3:00 pm      Break

3:15 pm      Writing your first draft - with editing and coaching



8:30 am      Day One review & discussion 
9:30 am      "Your Presentation" practice - with coaching

10:30 am    Break

10:45 pm   "Your Presentation" - 2nd recording with coaching
11:30 am   "Your Presentation" video review with coaching & feedback 12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm     Video review continued
1:30 pm     Speaking Effectively From Notes 
2:30 pm     Master Listening Skills
3:30 pm     "Your Presentation" - 3rd recording with coaching and feedback
4:30 pm     End of program


• Phase II Workbook
• USB of your recorded presentations
• Your Personal Myers Briggs Communication Profile 
• Personal, written coaches notes & recommendations
• One-hour coaching session prior to your presentation/meeting


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Workshops Limited to 6 People 


Phase II Workshop Brochure


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Phase II Workshop Dates 

in Toronto

Workshop Fee:

$2,400 + HST = $2,712

Workshops location:

44 Price St. Toronto​

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Two-Day Advanced Communication Skills & Presentation Skills Training in Toronto for Executives & Leaders

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