About Commanding Presence


For over 20 years, Commanding Presence has been delivering the most advanced communication skills, public speaking skills, and presentation training currently available in Canada and the U.S.


Our training focuses on the art and science of oral communication and excelling at high-stakes presentations. We have developed highly effective techniques for presenting complex thoughts and ideas for formal presentations, as well as "thinking of your feet". We also address managing the fear of speaking and creating eloquent speeches and presentations designed to be heard and remembered.


Our training is designed specifically with the communication challenges and issues of executives, leaders, lawyers, accountants, and engineers in mind.


Routinely, our clients have achieved substantial and permanent improvements in their speaking ability, self-confidence, and personal charisma.

Our training is available for corporate groups in half-day, one-day, and two-day formats. More info.

We also provide a monthly, Two-Day Workshop available for public enrollment of individuals or small groups, held in downtown Toronto. More info.


We also provide individual coaching for specific client engagements, such as high-stakes presentations. Contact us.



Communication Skills and Presentation Sk

Our Commanding Presence Founder: John Plank

John Stewart Plank (1943-2016)

Coach & Founder of Commanding Presence


John was one of the most highly qualified and respected Executive Coaches in Public speaking, communication, and presentation skills in North America. 


John spent 25 years of his life coaching and helping others. He was a director of workshops and actor training at the Stratford Shakespearean Festival. He taught at universities in Canada and the U.S. and was a popular keynote speaker for conferences. He coached senior executives, lawyers, accountants, broadcasters and professional speakers.  As performance coach for CBC Radio and Television, John worked with reporters, news anchors, hosts and Olympic commentators. 


In his relentless pursuit of perfection for his clients, John used compassion, humour and ingenuity.


His internationally acclaimed Commanding Presence™ programs are accredited by law and accounting associations in North America and the U.K.  The programs focus on essential public speaking, presentations, and meeting skills for all professionals who wish to elevate their career.