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Commanding Presence

Two-Day Managing Conflict and Difficult Conversations

a Common Outlook Consulting Inc. offering 


If your job requires the cooperation of others you should attend this workshop. If you have to deliver feedback or develop strong relationships you should attend this workshop. If you feel your communication skills let you down in difficult situations you should attend this workshop.


You’ll leave the workshop feeling more confident and better equipped to handle the difficult conversations that are part
of any workplace.


Our skilled and experienced workshop leaders use interactive exercises, case studies, discussions and videos to ensure you’ll learn the skills you need to help you start and finish difficult conversations. You’ll have a chance to learn about- and use- techniques to help manage strong emotions: yours and others. You’ll leave with simple but powerful tools to help you become a more effective communicator.

The workshop content is based on theories developed by our colleagues at the Harvard Negotiation Project combined with the many years of real world experiences of our workshop leaders. The workshop provides you with a strategic and step by step framework for managing difficult conversations.

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Day One


8:30AM     Introductions and Purposes – Presentation and                     Group Discussion


9:30AM   Costs of Raising / Avoiding / Cycle of Indecision



10:00AM     Personal Case – Effective and Ineffective                                   Communication Skills


11:00AM     Orchestrating a Difficult Conversation Authentically


11:30AM     The “Three Conversations” Framework:

                  Shifts in Thinking


12:00PM   Lunch


1:00PM     Working with the “What Happened”                                           Conversation


2:30PM     Role-Play– Preparation, Conversation, Debrief


4:15PM     Key Lessons and New Questions


4:30PM     End of Day One




For a more detailed agenda, click here

Two-Day Managing Conflict and Difficult Conversations Workshop Agenda Outline



Day Two


8:30AM     Key Insights from Day One + Q&A


9:30AM     Delivering Bad News


10:00AM   The Role Reversal Exercise



12:00PM   Lunch


1:00PM     Managing Strong Emotions – Ours and Other                           People’s


2:30PM     Identity and its Role in Difficult Conversations


3:30PM     How to Begin, and Deciding Whether or Not to                       Engage a Topic


4:00PM     Putting it All Together: Going Forward and                               Personal Action Plans


4:30PM     End of Day Workshop



Two-Day Managing Conflict and Difficult Conversations Workshop Testimonials


“This course was straightforward and practical — user-friendly. I specifically took this course for help with co-workers and meeting preparation, and now I feel I can deal with these different situations with confidence.” 

Sally Leech, Customer Service, Instrument & Service Specialist, BD Biosciences

“I found the course reinforced principles and techniques previously learned, but did so in a thought-provoking and encouraging environment. No matter how much experience or reading any salesperson or manager has, courses like this one have great value and should be taken advantage of when offered.”

Gary Clifton, Marketing Manager, Biotronik Life Systems

“Common Outlook was a pleasure to deal with and brought a tailor-made approach, focused on our needs. They addressed our concrete business issues. My investment was repaid many times over.”

Satya Menard, President, Central and South America Region, Sodexo


“Two months after taking the course I have not only implemented but continue to use the effective tools that were taught to me throughout this session. This workshop has definitely provided me with the discipline to better prepare for meetings.”
— Kim Carter, Vice-President, Business Development, De Lage Landen Financial Services

Gary Clifton, Marketing Manager, Biotronik Life Systems