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Commanding Presence Two-Day Effective Ne

Commanding Presence

Two-Day Effective Negotiation Skills Workshop

a Common Outlook Consulting Inc. offering 


From choosing a restaurant to changing a deadline with your boss to formal contracts with suppliers, our days are filled with negotiations. While some negotiations are easy, many are not.

Did you ever finish a deal and then wonder if you got the best deal you could have? If so, you should attend this workshop. If you feel frustrated as it seems all your negotiations are “just about the price”, you should attend this workshop. If you want to improve your ability to negotiate, this workshop is for you.


Our skilled and experienced workshop leaders use interactive exercises, case studies, discussions and videos to ensure you’ll learn the skills you need to become a more confident negotiator.

You’ll have a chance to learn about- and use- techniques to help you become a more effective communicator and build stronger relationships. You’ll discover how to “expand the pie” and create value for both parties. You’ll leave equipped with practical tools, tips and techniques that you can use in all your negotiations.

The workshop content is based on theories developed by our colleagues at the Harvard Negotiation Project combined with the many years of real world experience of our workshop leaders.

The workshop provides you with a strategic and step by step framework that you can use in any negotiation.

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Day One


8:30AM     Introductions and Purposes – Presentation and                     Group Discussion


10:00AM   Assumptions and Paradigms – Interactive                                  Exercise and Debrief


12:00PM   Lunch


1:00PM     Defining Success in Negotiation – Presentation


2:15PM     The Contract Negotiation – Structured                                       Preparation Session, One-on-One Role-Play, and                     Debrief


4:15PM     Key Lessons and New Questions


4:30PM     End of Day One


For a more detailed agenda, click here

Day Two


8:30AM       A General Strategy for Negotiation –

                     Presentation and group discussion


10:00 AM    The Partnership Dispute


12:30PM     Lunch


1:30PM       Application to 'Live' Negotiations


2:30PM       Dealing with Difficult Negotiators –                      

                    Presentation and Role Play


4:00PM       Putting It All Together: Going Forward

                     and Personal Action Plans


4:30PM       End of Workshop

Two-Day Effective Negotiation Skills Workshop Agenda Outline

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Two-Day Effective Negotiation Skills Workshop Testimonials


“Common Outlook’s Effective Negotiation Skills Workshop redefines what negotiation is and what it should be. The course definitely enhanced the ‘outlook’ and ability of each participant in a truly positive manner.”
Randy P. Galluzzi, National Manager, Toyota University


“The workshop provided me with a number of valuable tools and thoughts to assist me with
the negotiation process. Today, I consciously reduce the number of assumptions I make before and during a negotiation, making me a more effective negotiator.”

Mary Cascioli, Operational Effectiveness Advisor, RBC - Royal Bank


“After attending one of your sessions, I started considering what negotiation actually means, and I was amazed at how often I am in negotiations throughout my day. Your approach to it all really struck a chord with me and I walked away from the session with some significant insight as to how I've been approaching negotiations and how I can seriously improve my skills. Thank you so much!”
Erin Kuttner, Producer, 4stroke


“The Negotiations Skills Workshop that I attended had a life-changing impact. I recommend the Negotiation Skills Workshop to anyone with a progressive mindset who is striving for a successful life.”
Brooks Ahulwalia, Marketing Coordinator, Canada Revenue Agency


“The workshop was first class. The way in which you distilled the relevant, key points from such a huge topic was impressive. The feedback we received from the members who participated in your sessions was consistently positive.”
Clare Cockell & Lisa Woznica, Co-Chairs GTA Steering Committee, Canadian Women in Communications