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The FOCUS! Method provides a way for both introverts and extroverts to essentially “say less, and say it better”. It is a way to take complex thoughts and ideas and quickly and effectively deliver them in a way that is designed to be heard, remembered, and persuasive. When you use this method, a large portion of your anxiety is reduced partly because it allows you to speak extemporarily about topics you have expertise in and you have a simple and easily remembered format to start and end your message. Participants will get a chance to create their own FOCUS! Method presentations using current topics or issues and practice delivering them to other participants.


Content Outline


Participants will learn a framework for each of the elements of communication - to learn and discuss the significance of "Information", "Organizing", and "Delivery". Participants will improve their ability to prepare and delivery of concise messages and presentations, to establish rapport and reduce their speaking anxiety.


After the course, participants will be able to:


• Quickly prepare concise, persuasive statements for specific issues

and listeners, whether on the phone or in-person


• Deliver concise and compelling formal presentations to

small and large groups


• “Think on your feet”: respond quickly and eloquently to

questions and enquiries in meetings, on the telephone and in presentations


• Reduce their speaking anxiety


Number of Participants: The FOCUS! Method is a fully customizable workshop that can be scaled to webinars and small, intimate groups or hundreds of participants at a conference hall. 


Length: Ideally, we recommend at least 90 minutes to fully explore and practice the FOCUS! Method, but the workshop can be scaled down to 30-45 minutes if needed.



Download The FOCUS! Method Workshop Proposal Here


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Fee: $2,100 + HST

Location: Toronto, ON

Two-Day Advanced Communication Skills & Presentation Skills Training in Toronto for Executives & Leaders

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